Meadowland Energy Cash Prices:
**Prices subject to change
**For Volume discounts gas/diesel can be combined for gallon volume.

B20 April - September, B5 October - March
Ruby Fieldmaster Diesel $3.05/gal cash price
Ruby Fieldmaster Diesel $3.04/gal 500 plus gallons
Ruby Fieldmaster Diesel $3.03/gal 900 plus gallons
Ruby Fieldmaster Diesel $3.02/gal 1400 plus gallons
Roadmaster XL $3.519/gal cash price
Bulk DEF $1.60 per gallon cash price

Prepay Fieldmaster Prices (Effective January 19, 2022)
$3.05         March, April, May 2022

$3.05         June, July, August 2022

$3.03         September, October, November 2022         

You must use the prepaid gallons purchased in the specified time.  Any unused gallons will be delivered to tanks.  If room isn't available, it will be to Meadowland Farmers Coop's discretion on remaining gallons.

**Prepay is subject to 2¢ cleanup fee when in effect!!**

New Money Down Refined Fuel Products Contract Option Available.  **

Contact Fuel Bulk Driver or Eric Squires (507-829-0318) with inquiries or questions.

Address:  130 State HWY 68, Wabasso, MN 56283
Phone Number: 507-342-5137
Hours of Operation: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm 
Location Manager: Mike Vollmer



Storden/Westbrook: Terry Neperman 507-445-3451

Redwood Falls: Steve Heiling 507-637-2771

Wabasso: Wade Mathoiwetz 507-342-5163

Revere: Jake Wahl 507-317-4255



Meet your Refined Fuel Drivers 

Terry Neperman 



Steve Heiling

Redwood Falls


Wade Mathoiwetz 




Jake Wahl




2021 & Beyond Propane Market Outlook

Propane Cash Price 2021: (Effective Oct. 5, 2021)
Home Heat and Shops $2.10
Hog Barns/Corn Drying $2.05

Prepay Propane Prices 2021-2022:
(Effective October 5, 2021)

Home Heat and Shops - $2.15
Hog Barns - $2.10  

If you have Any Questions Please call our Energy Manager, Eric Squires at 507-829-0318.

***Prices Subject to Change!


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